Check Out The Kickstarter for Rotten Roots!

Check it out, kids: the Kickstarter for the upcoming Bad Kids Press miniseries Rotten Roots is live throughout October and spilling over into the beginning of November and it looks all kinds of creepy and kickass!  Described on its Kickstarter thusly:

Rotten Roots is a new, six-issue comic miniseries created and written by Paul Axel with illustration by Renée Majkut… Rotten Roots takes place in the fictional locale of Osprey City, on the upper portion of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Founded by Separatists (also known as Pilgrims) in 1625, the town of Osprey grows over the course of 400 years (and six issues) from a small colonial village of 300 residents to a modern-day city of 450,000. Our story begins when Detective Mark Robles, recently transferred to the Osprey City Police Department, who’s assigned to investigate the murder of Harold Wood, patriarch of the powerful Wood family, a clan with its roots stretching back to Osprey's colonial days. In the course of solving who killed Harold Wood and why, Detective Robles uncovers the pernicious and vicious history of the Wood family...”

Sounds cool, right? Now check out some of the dark and dreamy artwork from Renée Majkut:

I’m sold, but obviously I may have a slight bias seeing as we’re all Bad Kid kin here.

The Kickstarter for Rotten Roots is already more than half way to their end goal of $4,600 but as we all know when it comes to Kickstarter it’s all or nothing. As of this posting Paul and Renée have 37 more days to go to reach their goal of $4,600 to get the funds to make delicious, soul-nourishing and mind enhancing comic books for all of us but they need some help to get there.

That’s where you come in. Visit their Kickstarter page; find out some more about Rotten Roots and all the swell rewards they’re offering like exclusive art prints, postcards and even having your silly face appearing in the pages of Rotten Roots! Yes, somehow using a combination of 3D Printers, Chaos Magik and good ole American gumption Paul and Renée have hatched a scheme to somehow insert you into their comic world. I don’t know how they come up with this stuff.

There are many more rewards and various doodads being offered for the Kickstarter, check all of them out and find out some more about Rotten Roots and see what makes it something well worth your funny (book) money.