Bad Kids Press at NYCC!


Bad Kids Press is coming to New York Comic Con 2014!

That’s right, go ahead, sit down. Have yourself a Kool-Aid. Now take a deep breath. Right? But you did hear me correctly: Bad Kids Press is gearing up for glory with our first ever booth at New York Comic Con October 9-12.

Yes, after winning the hearts and minds (and in some cases even the money) of the good people at the Boston Comic Con earlier this year we decided to take this thing on the road to NYC.

Which means, come on by Booth 779, where we’ll be and which will hereon be known as Bad Kids Press Headquarters. Because we’ve got the artists and writers behind a bunch of the Bad Kids books here and they’ll be hanging around giving away swag and selling books, art prints and lots of other tasty comic book stuff that you’re going to freak out about.

Robert Howard and Max Wolman two of the creators behind The Adventures of the GWF will be there. As will Arthur O’Callaghan the artist and writer of Rogan. Oh, and me, Tony McMillen, the handsome and hirsute author and artist responsible for Nefarious Twit, I’ll be there too, charming the public along with the rest of the Bad Kids Press. All of us, smiling for the crowds, kissing hands and shaking babies, all the live-long day.

So stop by Booth 779 and say what’s up. Let us know who you are and we’ll be sure to do the same.