The Rotten Roots Kickstarter Was a Huge Success!

The upcoming Bad Kids Press miniseries Rotten Roots has been Kickstarter funded and then some thanks to you! You beautiful, intelligent and wholly decent smelling people.  We love you. The campaign was to raise $4, 600 bucks and thanks to you they went well over that goal and actually brought in $ 6,781!  Which means lots of extra chimes and kazoos (it's a thing that we're saying now, just go with it) here's series writer Paul Axel and artist  Renée Majkut getting all chocked up and beauty pageant winner about the whole thing:

"Well, here we are.  After 45 fast-paced, fantastic days, our Kickstarter campaign has come to an end. We really had no idea that it would be this successful! Thanks to your amazing support, we've raised over $6,700. We are so deeply, deeply grateful for your generosity and your belief in our project. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"